Getting Around Oklahoma City

Getting around Oklahoma City presents several unique challenges, as the community does not have extensive public transit options. Nevertheless, visitors and residents alike have access to several different transportation solutions that can help them to explore the city and access the surround area. Some of these services are available through public options, whereas others are serviced by private contractors.

The METRO Transit group provides the vast majority of bus transportation options in Oklahoma City. Routes canvass the downtown area, taking riders to Norman and other nearby destinations. There are a wide variety of different routes available, making this option particularly useful for travelers with multiple destinations on their itineraries. Information about the specific routes available can be obtained at any of the bus stops scattered throughout the city.

METRO Transit also offers a historic trolley for visitors and residents to utilize. While primarily running as a means to see the city, the trolley can also be used to access different locations throughout the downtown area. The trolley is open air, which also gives passengers the opportunity to see the surrounding area in a different manner.

Oklahoma River Cruises are another option in Oklahoma City, providing travelers with the opportunity to see the city from the beautiful river. Three landings in Oklahoma City make it easy to find one that is conveniently located. These landings also have access to the METRO Transit buses, making it simple to find a connection that will work for the passenger in question.

Oklahoma City also has transportation links to another cities, making it easy for visitors to come to the community at will. The Heartland Flyer provides service via Amtrak to Fort Worth, Texas, allowing travelers to easily connect to other destinations in the American South. Oklahoma City is also served by the Will Rodgers World Airport, which services flights throughout the United States daily. Accessing the airport is possible via the city bus lines, or by booking a private taxi or cab.

There are also several car rental companies located in the area. These car rental services allow both residents and visitors to access the city via private transportation. Renting a vehicle to see Oklahoma City can be done at a myriad of locations throughout the city, as well as through companies operating at the airport.